The 2018 Men’s Club Championship – ;September 1-2, 2018

2018 IREM Country Club Senior Club Championship
Tournament Results
Martin Behm 73-75-148
Robert Lipski 76-74-150
James Breck 76-75-151
Charles Brand 76-76-152
Dave Straley 78-77-155
Joe Rubbico 77-78-155
Rick Skudalski 85-77-162
Dave Janus 79-85-164
Tom Stitzer 82-92-174
Joe Ryan 85-91-176
Allen Evans 99-80-179
60-69 Division
Richard Popovitch 87-87-174
70+ Division
Michael Sharok 73-79-152
Don Hopkins 91-88-179
Jack Mascioli 87-94-181
Allen Henninger 106-113-219

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The Potentate’s Tournament – August 3-5,  2018

Congratulations to our 2018 Potentate’s Tournament Champions
Tyler McGarry & Mariano Medico

The Irem Golf Association would like to thank everyone for their participation in the 2018 Potentate’s 3 day championship.

Tyler McGarry and Mariano Medico played a very exciting match against the runner ups Zackary Mulhern and Chase Mackowski.

Pictured left to right: Irem CC PGA Professional Chris Mathews, 2018 Potentate Champion Tyler McGarry, 2018 Potentate Champion Mariano Medico, and 2018 Potentate, Illustrious Sir, Rick Williams.


Congratulations to our 2018 Potentate’s Tournament Champions Tyler McGarry & Mariano Medico.


Results and Skins

Pro shop Merchandise Raffle Winners!!

G400 Max Drive- Jonathan Thomas

2 Dozen Balls, Glove, Shirt and Hat- Dave Kaschak

2 Dozen Balls, Glove and Shirt- Allen Evans

2 Dozen Balls and Shirt- Mike Dombroski Jr.

1 Dozen Balls and Shirt- Rich Serafin

Shirt- John Mulhern


2018 Potentate’s Tournament Champions
Tyler McGarry & Mariano Medico

The Beatens 12 Winners
1st Place- Jonathan Wilson & Ryan Georgetti
2nd Place- Frank Pinnacoli & Gary Sagan
3rd Place- Thomas Biscotti & John Mikiewicz
4th Place – Bill Koons & Derek Shurmanek
5th Place- Pat Murray & Tony Bevevino
6th Place- Rob Michaels & Mike Lazevnick

First Flight Winners
1st Place- Jim Breck & John Mulhern
2nd Place- Joe Rubbico & Charles Gelso
3rd Place- Gary Krawetz & Marty Behm
4th Place- Dominic Castrignano & Jim Hoover

Second Flight Winners
1st Place-Phil Lipski & Earl Thompson
2nd Place-Lynn Kilduff & Tom Klimek
3rd Place- Michael Wills & Brandon Wills
4th Place- Robert Bogensberger & Randy Marcotte

Third Flight Winners
1st Place- Chad Debona & Jake Simon
2nd Place- Kristopher Konicki & Bob Stanton Jr.
3rd Place- Chris Brojakowski & Nick Ostrowski
4th Place- Jack Serafin & Jim Serafin

Fourth Flight Winners
1st Place- Dave Straley & Chad Kelly
2nd Place- Kent Jones & Billy Sponseller
3rd Place- Michael Judge & John Lychos
4th Place- Keith Hillard & James Gattuso

Fifth Flight Winners
1st Place- Bill Lozo & Brian Zimmerman
2nd Place- Ryan Holthaus & Tom Motovidlak
3rd Place- Jack Bonczewski & John Leighton
4th Place- Walt Kuhachik & Ron Piecynski

Sixth Flight Winners
1st Place- Thomas Stitzer & John Kennedy
2nd Place- Daniel Yursha & Zachary Yursha
3rd Place- Joseph Ryan & Trevor Woudruff
4th Place- Jamiel Rollins & Fred Johnson

Seventh Flight Winners
1st Place- Pete Welgus & Rick Franks
2nd Place- Thomas Swartwood & John Riccetti
3rd Place- Mike Dombroski Jr. & Mike Gyory


All Skins- Sunday
Chad DeBona + Jake Simon Eagle on 13

The Beatens Skins Sunday
Jonathan Wilson + Ryan Georgetti Birdie on 6, Birdie on 10
Bill Koons + Derek Shurmanek Birdie on 13
Rob Michaels + Mike Lazevnick Birdie on 4

Flight 1 Skins Sunday
Bob Shoemaker + Eric Ricci Birdie on 15, Birdie on 16
Joe Collini + Joe Bevivino Birdie on 7, Birdie on 14

Flight 2 Skins Sunday
Robert Bogensberger + Randy Marcotte Birdie on 7, Birdie on 17
Tony Grabowski + Allen Rado Birdie on 11
Lynn Kilduff + Tom Klimek Birdie on 1
Michael Wills + Brandon Wills Birdie on 10
Phil Lipski + Earl Thompson Birdie on 15
Scott Francis + Lou Belgio Birdie on 8

Flight 3 Skins Sunday
Chad DeBona + Jake Simon Eagle on 13, Birdie on 16
Chris Brojakowski + Nick Ostrowski Birdie on 1
Jay Thomas + Jonathan Thomas Birdie on 11
Kristopher Konicki + Bob Stanton Jr Birdie on 9

Flight 4 Skins Sunday
Michael Judge + John Lychos Birdie on 10, Birdie on 6
Dale Clouse + Wally Pilger Birdie on 14
Kent Jones + Billy Sponseller Birdie on 8

Flight 5 Skins Sunday
Bill Lozo + Brian Zimmerman Birdie on 1, Birdie on 6
JT Carey + Jim Carey Birdie on 15
Ryan Holthaus + Tom Motovidlak Birdie on 16
Ed Lozo + George Hall Birdie on 5
Walt Kuharchik + Ron Piecynski Par on 7

Flight 6 Skins Sunday
Jamiel Rollins + Fred Johnson Par on 15, Birdie on 7, Birdie on 8
Randy Walsh + Jamie Walsh Birdie on 16
Thomas Stitzer + John Kennedy Par on 10

Flight 7 Skins Sunday
Dave Grega + Clarke Feldmann Par on 3, Birdie on 18
Thomas Swartwood + John Riccetti Birdie on 9, Birdie on 14
Pete Welgus + Rick Franks Birdie on 2

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